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Accident prevention and safety are everyone's responsibility.  It is important these suggestions are followed.

  1 - Swimmers and snorkellers must stay close to shore unless accompanied by a boat.
2 - Anchored rafts not to be placed over 30ft from shore.  They should be marked for easy visibility.
3 - Power boats and PWC's must not pass between anchored rafts and shore line.
4 - All power boats and PWC's must stay at least 50ft off shore unless proceeding slowly and creating no wake.
5 - Sail boats, canoes, kayaks and rowboats have right-of-way.
6 - All traffic shall be in the general direction of the arrows shown on map.  PWC's should not spin out or perform manouvers while in the lanes shared by boaters, skiiers, tubers, etc..
Go to the middle of the main lake and play safe
7 - Respect and obey all traffic signs placed for your protection.  Some underwater obstacles are marked with bouys.  Maintain a safe distance from bouys when boating in these areas.  It is your responsibility to know the lake.
8 - Owners must familiarize everyone operating their boat or PWC with safety suggestions.
9 - It is everyone's responsibility to inform friends, neighbours, and visitors of these safety suggestions.

Note: Dangerous/erratic boat operation or infraction of the fish and game laws should be reported to the appropriate authority immediately.

Landlords - Please make your tennants aware of the safety suggestions.

Boat Ramp: Built by The Association and is for the use of paid up members only.  Obtain the key from your road director.  Please remember to bring your household membership card when signing out the boat ramp key, otherwise a $30 fee will be charged.  The Marl Lakes are privately owned with no public access.
Private Property Sign
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Be familiar with and obey all water safety rules